Modern drugs for potency

Behind the trade names is a wide list of remedies with different principles of work. The most popular drugs stimulate the production of enzymes. They vary in duration of action due to the fact that they contain different active ingredients. This type includes well-known drugs like Viagra or Cialis for potency. Reviews of men are mixed, often noting pronounced side effects, but also the “main” effect most often satisfies. You can buy special medication here


A younger drug for erections, and perhaps more effective and convenient. It is the same type as Viagra, but the active ingredient is different – tadalafil. The effect occurs in 15-25 minutes and lasts for 36 hours. Cialis is also incompatible with nitro group drugs. If you regularly take nitroglycerin or similar drugs, plan properly. Recently, Cialis and similar drugs often treat prostatitis. It is not intended for that, but the gland is also affected by the reception – improvements were noted by more than 80% of men with the diagnosis.

Contraindications: myocardial infarction within the last 90 days, ischemic stroke within the last 180 days, unstable angina, arterial hypotension, lactose deficiency or its acute intolerance.

Another group of drugs acts through the blood vessels. The pill forces the body to produce more nitric oxide, which causes the blood vessels to dilate and consequently fill with blood. They have fewer contraindications – drugs that increase nitrous oxide levels can even be drunk by hypertensive people. This cannot boast stimulators of enzyme synthesis from the previous group.

Prolonged therapy with testosterone also refers to medicinal methods, although it does not work immediately. Take the hormone after taking tests, if, of course, the level is lowered. If you are looking for how to quickly increase the potency – the option will not help, because the result is manifested as the accumulation of testosterone in the body. But the effect is much better and longer.

Stand out and more exotic ways to increase potency pills:

  • some antidepressants have erections on the list of side effects;
  • antispasmodics relax the blood vessels, and they let blood in, but the drug must be injected locally – an injection directly into the penis;
  • to affect the potassium channels, which are also involved in the process, there are special ointments.

Medicinal methods of treatment can only be prescribed by a doctor! The only completely safe way to strengthen male strength is to train the pubic-dick muscle. This method has no contraindications and is shown to all without exception. Widespread supplements are composed of animal or plant substances that indirectly affect libido. Many consumers do not even know that they are taking a drug that has not undergone clinical trials – the manufacturers are trying not to flaunt it. 

Take it or not – only you decide. Recipes from Eastern medicine, extracts, tinctures and concentrates sometimes show cool results. The main thing is to be selective. If you are looking for more effective modern remedies, visit