How to find Devops specialists

When it comes to searching for DevOps, many do not know where to start. If you’re trying to better understand who DevOps is and where to find these popular specialists, our material will help you understand these issues.

Who are DEVOPS?

DevOps is not a technology. It is a culture, a trend, a philosophy that has been brought by the rapid changes in IT. DevOps focuses mainly on thinking and cultural shift in the way the organization approaches the code delivery process. So, a DevOps engineer is a person who joins software development during the deployment phase. Instead of individual positions, DevOps can be a position in which one person must have several competencies.

Simply put, it is a developer with administrative skills or vice versa – a system administrator with programming experience. To benefit customers, rather than just moving bits and bytes, the right solution is to hire DevOps engineers – specialists in cloud computing technologies and software development automation. As a result, enterprises save time, resources, and improve product quality.

Where can I find DevOps specialists?

There are two ways to find competent technicians: hire freelancers or hire devops company. There are pros and cons in each case. Freelancer platforms work roughly the same way: you create an account, create a position, choose a freelancer (or a freelancer team) and sign a contract. The result is lower prices, a wider choice of specialists and customer feedback. There is a downside to this – no guarantees, long terms, language barriers, difficulties in implementing complex and stable projects. Thus, freelance platforms are suitable for small projects and fast tasks.

Hiring DevOps engineers on outsourcing is cheaper than hiring regular staff, but is just as unreliable. All that is really necessary for efficient work on serious projects and complex tasks that DevOps is able to solve is to find the right expert and take him or her into your team. And then – share project details and cooperate in the process. Teams of IT companies, as a rule, have a great experience of working with large, complex and interesting projects. In addition, it is much more convenient to immediately connect experienced specialists to work and solve all the tasks that will face you. If you really want to find the best solution fast, it is the best way to complete your task.