How to choose a dating site

Choosing a dating site is always a little lottery. The site can be with a large number of questionnaires. But among all potential partners will not be yours, and only yours. And the other site will suddenly require you to switch to paid services. And they’ll do everything they can to make you pay. There are more and more options every day. How to choose among them a good site, when women looking for men or vice versa, a man looking for a woman?

For starters, let’s find out what are dating sites. As such, there is no division between male and female sites. There are sites with a large number of men’s profiles, so the chances to meet the right person is increasing. Although it is possible that among this huge choice you do not have a relationship with anyone. So do not dwell heavily on the number of questionnaires (of course, if it is not measured in tens or hundreds).

But even if you register on a site with a hundred questionnaires, there is a chance that your profile will get into the database of a major marriage agency, because some sites combine databases. There are also sites that steal profiles from each other. Sometimes it is useful. There is a young married couple living in Spain. He found her on a site she hadn’t even heard of. He wrote her a letter, and they’ve been together for years. However, we shouldn’t hope for a chance.

Free, paid, partially paid, real and fictitious

With free and paid sites, everything is clear. Either you pay money to access the database of profiles, or – no. Partially paid dating sites are something average. Registration on such sites, mostly free, but some additional features and features need to be paid in advance. This can be access to VIP profiles, raising your profile, the ability to add more photos. Often there are sites that are free for women, but men have to pay. You can start with free dating sites. Perhaps your soulmate is right there. You can also open the category local singles near me, and see if there are interesting single men and women nearby.

Note that the dating industry is also a business, and like any business it requires investments. And if the site is absolutely free (and the base, and all functions, and there are no paid services for both sides, and advertising is not), respectively, it does not bring any income. And as a conclusion – the site owners have no financial resources for its development. Therefore, free dating sites are often of poor quality. Poor quality of services provided by such sites is not only a poor interface and a minimum set of functions – they are very much loved to visit, because of the free and public availability, the usual fans of virtual adventure: in the questionnaires – other people’s photos and false information, and serious intentions – no more than empty declarations.

Even if you are incredibly lucky to meet here “real” questionnaire – still think about it: a person who does not want to spend a reasonable amount of money for registration on a serious dating site and thus provide decent conditions for finding a couple and socializing, it is unlikely in the future will want to spend on their family, especially when you are looking for a man. He is stingy and petty. It is unlikely to start this dubious epic: a husband you can easily find and without the help of dating sites. So treat free services with caution – responsible attitude to yourself and your desires you are likely to meet there.

Or the owners of sites earn money by deceiving customers, for example, selling their contacts, etc. Sites in the network that help you get married or married, every year more and more. Among them a lot of fictitious sites. Be careful! There are sites that fool their customers, literally immediately after the declared free registration require you to switch to paid services. And will do everything possible in the future to make you pay.