Casino of the future

In this article we will show what the casinos of the future will be like, although today they are still just projects. If you want to own a casino, you don’t need to invest huge money, you can explore such possibilities at

Casino projects of the future

The most fantastic, of course, for us today is the casino in space, which was designed and is going to be implemented by Virgin Galactic, a company to develop space tourism and the Playboy Corporation, which has long been known to all, but few people know that it has the most direct relation to the games.

The shape of the future casino is supposed to fit the classic fantasy architecture, the wheel spinning on its own axis. The architecture is designed to create the effect of artificial gravity, which makes sense. The diameter of this structure is assumed to be around two kilometers. Initially it will rotate on the orbit of our planet, and in the future it will fly away (such are the plans of the developers). Naturally, the complex will include restaurants, hotels, and the casino itself, of course. The highlight of the casino itself is initially assumed a space roulette, where players will be placed in the ball before starting the ball.

More realistic in its implementation is the Miami Sun hotel-casino project, which, as conceived and designed by architects of the Swedish agency Vision Division, will have the architecture of the sun during the sunset over the horizon of the sea. In front of the casino the Swedes plan to arrange an imitation of the sea bay with islands of imposing proportions. But the interesting aspect is the construction of the casino – a huge half-disk covered with photovoltaic cells (very sensible, if you consider the sharp rise in energy prices). In addition, as conceived by the architects, photovoltaic cells will perform other functions – the universal screen, light panel, UV protection, etc. The pool is supposed to be emptiable for use as a large platform for various kinds of events. Despite the fact that the price of the project at this time is simply “exorbitant”, the project and its implementation are interested in the real operators, who own casinos in Macau, USA and Singapore.

Easier to build is surely the project Utopia, designed by Icelandic companies BMT Nigel Gee and Yacht Island Design. In fact it is a very beautiful platform of the current oil rig with a full replacement of production equipment for the hotel and casino. But the size is of course serious, in diameter it is planned to be up to a hundred meters. Total designed eleven decks (enough space to accommodate everything in the world) with helipads at the top of the floating island. There are also plans to moor various types and purposes of floating facilities to this structure. The fact that these companies have already developed and implemented the project of yacht with built-in volcano and waterfall makes this project realistic. 

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